Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Just thinking....

I hope and pray that you all are keeping Jesus in the very front of your mind this Christmas. What a thought that God would humble himself to send his son to die for US? plus be born in the lowest of the lowest of states.

OK so I thought I would share something with everyone!

We don't realize how short this life is.. Life is to short to worry about the vanity(Ecclesiastes 12:8) of this world,everything on this earth will pass away.
Is it really great to gain the whole world but lose your soul?(Matthew 16:26).

This world is emptiness,we should not be worrying about the things of this world,but be investing in eternal life with Christ.What a glorious moment it will be when God says well done,cause you sacrificed your whole life and forgot about things of this world but invested in eternity. Time is short,we want to get right with God NOW! Cause we don't know when it is going to be the end(James 4:14).

I ask you...have you left everything of this world behind for Christ, the things you love and enjoy doing , have you given it all up to invest in your eternal life. We may think well we have time to have fun and do what we enjoy now,and later on inn life I'll get closer to God,you aren't even promised tomorrow. The Lord could take you at anytime. We should want to do God's will and God says not to be of this world just in it.

Now don't just read this and go OK well I think my life is fine,really think about it.Think about the stuff you have,things you do,do they really honor and please God, we never want to make a mockery of God by the things we allow in our life that doesn't please HIM!!, and we always want to be witnesses for God. We want to please,Glorify and be in his will in everything. He is worthy....

Merry Christmas & God bless

Maria I Sellers